Pylon Signage

Pylon Signs are your first point of exposure. A Well designed and finished Pylon sign provides a powerful visual impact for your business and easy driver findings, especially in industrial areas.

Our professional experts can design and install your pylon signs. With our knowledge and experience we can guide you through the requirements as well as explaining options that would best suit your business.

Size and position are important considerations for your pylon sign. A site inspection is something we do as a part of our quoting process. This ensures that we can offer accurate advice and costings.

As you can see from the photos in our gallery, the size, shape and design of the pylon sign can vary quite a bit.

Ideally the design and colours should complement the building and your corporate image.

Illuminated 3D letter Pylons offer maximum exposure using LED lighting (lower energy consumption) and are more noticeable, at night. They can be seen over longer distances than conventional signs.

Scrolling LED signs can also be incorporated into your pylon.

These can allow you to change your messaging.

Refurbishing old Pylon signs is also an option, giving your sign a new fresh look.

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