Laser Cutting Engraving

Kemsigns is equipped with a laser that enables us to laser etch and engrave as well as cut to shape various materials. We can cut and etch various timbers, aluminium and acrylic. There are wide range of colours and finishes available in both the acrylic and plastic laminate. (formally known as traffolyte) Chrome, gold as well as brushed gold and silver. Matte finishes are also available. Our Laser can also etch glass. We can set our machine to etch glasses and bottles as well as aluminium drink bottles.

We specialise in engraving plastic laminate labels which are commonly used to label electrical panels and machinery control panels. Our labels can be supplied with or without adhesive backing depending on application.

Plastic laminate (formally known as traffolyte) is a layered plastic material that comes in a number of different colour combinations. White/ black for example. The face is white and below that is a layer of black. When the surface is lasered the black under the white is revealed so that you are left with black text or image. Some of the most commonly used combinations are red/white, yellow/black, white/black, blue/white and green/white.

Acrylic is also available in a range of colours. With the programs we use, we can create lettering and images that we can cut to shape to create layered 3D signs. We can also use different materials for different layers for example, a timber base with coloured acrylic layers. See our gallery for photos.

3D displays, name badges, machinery labels, switchboard labels, cake toppers, indoor and outdoor statutory signage as well as glass and bottle marking.

Laser Cutting Engraving

  • 3D displays
  • Name badges
  • Machinery labels
  • Switchboard labels
  • Cake toppers
  • Indoor and outdoor statutory signage
  • Glass and Bottle marking.

Why Kemsigns?

  • We are professionals in sign writing with over 28 years of experience
  • We using high-quality products and latest printing technology
  • We ensure our 100% customer satisfaction
  • Complete Banner installation
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