Display Work

Kemsigns is well equipped to design and construct all types of displays.

We can design your display complete with graphics.

We can manufacture product display panels and mount samples to them.

Installation is also part of our service.

Our CNC router can be used to cut to shape a wide range of materials. Anything from styrene foam, composite

panel, timber and a variety of plastic sheet can be cut on the router.

Our Laser allows us to cut to shape timber, acrylic and acrylic laminate plastic in fine detail as well as etch if required. There are a great range of finishes available in these materials including aluminium, chrome, chrome gold and brushed gold and silver. The acrylics also have an extensive colour range.

The acrylic laminate refers to impact modified acrylic that is layered in different colours. When the face colour is lasered, it exposes the colour below. This material is sometimes referred to as ADA or traffolyte.
We can incorporate digital prints and cut vinyl graphics as well as creating 3D lettering and shapes.

We can also include illumination if required.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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