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Vehicle Signs & Signage in Melbourne – Car and Van Vehicle Signs for Effective Advertising

Welcome to Kemsigns, your premier destination for professional vehicle signs and signage in Melbourne. Embrace a world where every commute becomes an opportunity for brand exposure. Our custom car and van signage services are meticulously designed to turn your company’s vehicles into mobile billboards that capture attention and drive your advertising message across the bustling streets of Melbourne. Establish your presence, enhance brand recognition, and drive your marketing strategy forward with Kemsigns’ cutting-edge vehicle signage solutions.

Advertise Through Our Custom Vehicle Wraps for Melbourne Vehicles

Unlock the power of mobile advertising in Melbourne with custom vehicle wraps that transform your car, van, or entire fleet into moving billboards. At Kemsigns, we specialize in high-quality vehicle signage that makes your brand stand out on busy streets and highways. Our digital design team meticulously crafts compelling wraps that adhere to your commercial vehicle’s contours, ensuring that your marketing message is seen far and wide.

Durable vinyl wraps are an investment in your brand’s visibility. Unlike temporary banners or signs, our wrapping provides a lasting solution that withstands Melbourne’s unique weather conditions. From sedans to commercial vans, every vehicle turns into a valuable advertising space. Our wraps aren’t just for show; they offer an easy, cost-effective method to spread your message across the city.

The flexibility of our wraps means you can find the perfect fit for your vehicle’s shape and size. Our expert team ensures that each vehicle signage installation is flawless, with no bubbles or misalignments. The customization does not end with the wrap itself but extends to the design process. Whether it’s a stylish, minimalist approach, or a vibrant, eye-catching palette you seek, Kemsigns delivers exceptional results that reflect your brand’s ethos.

Extend the impact of your advertising with matching commercial banners, window stickers, and vinyl signs. These additional options complement your vehicle wraps, creating a cohesive marketing campaign for your Melbourne audience. Moreover, these signs and banners are just as high-grade, ensuring your message is consistent and clear.

Consider wrapping not a mere advertisement but an asset that travels with you. Whether parked or on the move, your vehicle becomes a talking point and a visual hook for potential customers. Digital printing technology allows for intricate designs and a spectrum of colors that capture attention and imprint your brand in the public’s memory. With Kemsigns, you’re choosing a team that understands the balance between aesthetics and marketing prowess.

To further cater to your business’s needs, we offer fleet wrapping services, vital for ensuring uniformity among multiple vehicles. This highlight of unity and professionalism amplifies trust in your brand, as every vehicle in your fleet carries the same high-standard, custom design. And with durable vinyl, our vehicle wraps stand the test of time, ensuring that your investment continues to advertise for you long-term without the need for frequent replacements.

Contact Kemsigns today, and let’s discuss how our vehicle signs, wraps, and banners can make your brand the talk of Melbourne. Our dedicated team awaits, ready to propel your advertising efforts to new heights with the power of creative vehicle wrapping.


Type of Vehicle Signage Visibility Cost-Effectiveness Durability Message Flexibility Brand Reach
Full Vehicle Wraps High Moderate-High High Low (permanent) Very High
Partial Vehicle Wraps High High High Low (semi-permanent) High
Window Decals Moderate High Moderate-High Moderate (removable) Moderate
Magnetic Signs Low Very High Low-Moderate High (fully removable) Low
Vinyl Lettering Moderate High High Moderate-High Moderate
Roof Signs Low-Moderate Moderate Moderate Moderate-High Low
Vehicle Topper Ads Moderate-High Moderate Moderate High (interchangeable) Moderate-High

Comparative Analysis of Vehicle Signage Materials

Material Durability Cost Installation Visibility Removability Eco-Friendliness
Vinyl Decals 5-7 years Low to moderate Easy, DIY-friendly High Easy, minimal residue Varies, recyclable options available
Magnetic Signs 3-5 years Low Very easy, repositionable Moderate Very easy, no residue Not easily recyclable
Reflective Vinyl 3-7 years High Requires professional installation Very high (night visibility) Moderate, may leave residue Varies, recyclable options available
Painted Graphics 7-10 years High Professional installation required High Permanent, difficult to remove Varies, environmentally friendly paints exist
Perforated Window Vinyl 1-3 years Moderate Professional installation recommended Moderate (maintains visibility from inside) Moderate, may leave residue Not easily recyclable
Aluminum Signs 5+ years Moderate to high Requires professional installation High Durable, not typically removed Highly recyclable
Plastic Signage (Acrylic, PVC) 5+ years Varies Easy to moderate High Can be removable or permanent Recyclable but can be less eco-friendly than other options


Vehicle Signage Type Initial Investment Cost Average Lifespan Estimated Reach (Impressions) Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) Estimated ROI
Full Vehicle Wrap $2,500 – $4,500 3-5 years 30,000 – 70,000 / day $0.35 – $0.77 High
Partial Vehicle Wrap $1,500 – $3,000 3-5 years 16,000 – 40,000 / day $0.43 – $1.06 Medium-High
Vehicle Decals $500 – $1,500 3-5 years 8,000 – 20,000 / day $0.45 – $1.12 Medium
Magnetic Vehicle Signs $30 – $200 1-3 years 4,000 – 10,000 / day $0.86 – $3.00 Low-Medium
Vinyl Lettering $200 – $800 3-5 years 6,000 – 15,000 / day $0.60 – $2.00 Medium
Car Topper Signs $100 – $500 1-3 years 5,000 – 12,000 / day $1.20 – $3.00 Low-Medium
Rear Window Graphics $250 – $600 3-5 years 7,000 – 18,000 / day $0.50 – $1.54 Medium

Why Choose Kemsigns for Your Car Signage and Graphics Solutions

Why choose Kemsigns for your vehicle signage and graphics needs? Because when it comes to bolstering your brand’s visibility on Melbourne’s roads, there’s no denying the power of impactful car and van signage. Kemsigns excels in delivering a suite of vehicle graphic solutions that turn vehicles into mobile billboards, crucial for any business, franchise, or fleet aiming to make a lasting impression.

At our Melbourne store, Kemsigns offers more than just signs; we elevate your commercial fleet with custom banners and vehicle graphics designed to consistently broadcast your corporate identity. We’re committed to using only the finest materials and cutting-edge digital graphics technology to ensure your vehicle signs withstand the rigors of day-to-day work and help advertise your services 24 hours a day.

Our team’s proficiency in vehicle graphics spans a wide variety, from single cars to commercial fleets of varied models. Kemsigns guarantees meticulous design and application, ensuring your signage maintains maximum visibility and durability. For corporate clients, our franchise specialists manage service needs with precision, ensuring brand uniformity across multiple vehicles.

Whether you’re a Melbourne corporate powerhouse or a local business, leveraging effective vehicle signs and banners can significantly amplify your brand’s reach. Our store’s dedicated team provides a service that goes above and beyond, investing time to grasp your unique needs and align them with your branding strategy. Trust in our expertise to craft standout vehicle signs that not only capture attention but also drive your business forward.

In sum, selecting Kemsigns for your vehicle signage and graphics solutions ensures a partnership with a team that works tirelessly to support your vision. As Melbourne’s trusted signage provider, we’re all about creating stellar van, car, and fleet graphics that make your brand the talk of the town. Choose Kemsigns and watch your brand soar the streets of Melbourne.

In conclusion, vehicle signage is a dynamic and cost-effective advertising medium that turns your company cars and vans into mobile billboards. Kemsigns has established itself as a leader in crafting high-quality vehicle signs in Melbourne, ensuring that your brand captures attention on the go. With our expertise in design and application, we help maximize the impact of your advertising efforts. Partner with Kemsigns to drive your marketing message across the bustling streets of Melbourne, securing a wider audience for your business every time your vehicles hit the road.




Q1: What type of vehicle signage services does Kemsigns offer in Melbourne?
A1: Kemsigns offers professional custom car and van signage services tailored to turn company vehicles into mobile billboards. This includes high-quality vehicle wraps and graphics meticulously crafted for maximum brand exposure across Melbourne.
Q2: How durable are the vehicle wraps provided by Kemsigns?
A2: Kemsigns produces durable vinyl wraps designed to withstand the unique weather conditions of Melbourne, offering a long-lasting branding solution as opposed to temporary banners or signs that may not endure as long.
Q3: Can Kemsigns customize the design of vehicle wraps to fit the specific branding needs of my business?
A3: Absolutely. Kemsigns prides itself on delivering customizable wraps that reflect your brand’s ethos, whether you prefer a minimalist style or a more vibrant and eye-catching design.
Q4: Does Kemsigns offer additional signage options to complement vehicle wraps?
A4: Yes, Kemsigns extends its service offerings to include commercial banners, window stickers, and vinyl signs that match the vehicle wraps, creating a cohesive advertising campaign for your Melbourne-based audience.
Q5: Does Kemsigns provide fleet wrapping services, and what are the benefits?
A5: Kemsigns offers fleet wrapping services to ensure that all your vehicles present a unified professional image. This enhances brand trust and ensures consistency across multiple vehicles within your fleet. Their durable vinyl wraps ensure that your investment provides long-term advertising without the need for frequent replacements.



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