At Pg.2, we love supporting aspiring local artists. Each month we display original artwork by a different local artist. We display artwork that is accessible and affordable. The majority of pieces are for sale, and 100% of the sale goes to the artist.

Displaying the artwork helps to generate further interest to the artist and their dedication to their craft, and we get new awesome art to show off every month- it’s win, win really!

If you’re an aspiring artist who would love to have your artwork on display in our cafe – please let us know! Contact us on

Most recent artists:

Amy Lewis May 2018


Amy lewis 1amy lewis 2


Nick Heysbergh April 2018

Nick Heysbergh 2 Nick Heysbergh1

Courtyard mural artwork done by : This is B.S

‘This is B.S’ is a creative collaboration between Brittany and Steve. Brittany studied a Bachelor in ‘Fine Arts,’ at Monash University majoring in painting. Steve alternatively comes from a design background with a ‘Master of Architecture from the University of South Australia.

The two met in a warehouse 3 years ago over an unlikely conversation over ‘the treachery of images’ by Rene Margritte. The formation of ‘This is B.S’ as a collaborative team stemmed from many late nights of drawing, gin fuelled creative conversation and constructing short films. As a natural progression the two quickly defined themselves more formally as each being one part of the creative duo in ‘This is B.S’

About the work

Given the task to provide a piece representative of Melbourne, contemporary architecture was used as an identifiable basis. An alternative skyline was created. Utilising identifiable patterns of contemporary Melbourne facades and extracting these enabled us to create habitable environments. Having always been interested in the worlds of insects and their industrious nature, it was natural to allow the insects to become inhabitants in this whimsical exploration of the city.


Mural artworkIMG_20141124_171007