About Us

About Us


Welcome! We are so proud of Pg.2 and hope you love it too :).

Nhi: Hey, Jason.

Jason: Hey, Nhi.

Nhi: Seems like only yesterday we were in kindy, playing kitchen …

Jason: … and now we own one.

Nhi: Yeah. Pg.2 …

Jason: Interesting name.

Nhi: It has just the right amount of mystique.

Jason: There’s a café, it’s licensed, and art gallery attached to the kitchen. I feel that might be important to note.

Nhi: Yep. Contiguous. Unambiguous.

Jason: So you can admire art while stuffing your face and wetting your whistle and getting wired on coffee.

Nhi: Sorry, what? I was too busy checking out the paintings. They are f—king phenomenal.

Jason: The food is fresh and delicious.

Nhi: It is so fresh that the water just beads off it. Well, most of it. The rest we remove with a salad spinner.

Jason: Centripetal force is such a useful force, I find.

Nhi: Totally. Who hasn’t laughed watching children being flung off merry go rounds at the park?

Jason: Hilarious. But back to the delicious food.

Nhi: It is lip-smackingly, finger-lickingly tasty.

Jason: But we’re not suggesting you lick your fingers.

Nhi: Yep. Save that vulgarity for home.

Jason: Or lick your fingers very discreetly and then immediately wash and dry your hands very well.

Nhi: Yes, we are very fussy when it comes to hygiene.

Jason: Natch.

Nhi: It’s for your own good. We care about you.

Jason: That’s right. We’ve lived here for yonks. We’re not cashed-up blow-ins trying to suck the life out of Richmond.

Nhi: Correct. F—k those b—tards.

Jason: Quite. So welcome to Pg.2 everyone.

Nhi: We look forward to seeing you soon.

Jason: We are in aprons, bowing. But you can’t see that.

Nhi: No, I’m curtseying. I’m a lady.



We’re a tight knit family! Come and say hi :)


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Suppliers & Friends

Suppliers & Friends


Here at Pg.2 we try to keep everything local. 

Our amazing Sourdough Bread and Croissants come from the Swan Street Bakery and Patisserie;


Fruit and Veg is supplied by the wonderful Roger from Yarra Valley Farms


Amazing desserts supplied by;




Our free range eggs are supplied by the amazing team at Burd Eggs;




We love the Richmond community and all it has to offer. Below are a few recommendations and good friends of Pg.2

Sabai dishes up some amazing modern Thai food, we love the Massaman Lamb Shank Curry.

Saint Urban Beautiful wines, great food and amazing staff. What more can you ask for.

Jai Ho Love your spices? Then you have to try Jai Ho!